Palm Desert

I've found myself reminiscing about Palm Springs/Desert a lot lately! Maybe it's all of the amazing city guides by Local Wanderer and Coachella that have been flooding my instagram feed lately. I don't know but all the photos I see reminds me of the last time that I was there with Lindsay, Dan and my parents just under two years ago. I made this video shortly after that trip and then totally forgot about it until recently. I was going to change the silly song that we listened to multiple times a day on the weird radio station but decided it fit perfectly, and anything less silly would make this video far too emotional for me to watch, sooooo I kept it in.

It's surreal to watch these memories, it feels like a lifetime ago that I was here, but also feels like we were just together, stuffing our faces with donuts from the donut shop my mom couldn't wait to take us to. I'm so glad we went on this trip together, such precious memories <3