Let's Go On An Adventure

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last weekend dan and i both had saturday off to do absolutely nothing, it was blissful! he had something in port moody he was picking up from craigslist so we decided to make a day of it and go back to the place where we had our wedding reception and where all of our wedding photos were taken! we hadn't been back there since our wedding 3 years ago.  it was exactly how we remembered it. i couldn't help but remember how much fun dan and i had shooting our wedding photos here with some of our best friends, it was such a perfect day. this place is called "old mill park" and it's an old cedar mill that burned down in the late '40's, it's like finding buried treasure seeing the old brick paths that still remain and surround the "ruins." it was a fun little day trip, we got bubble tea and stopped by ikea on the way to his parents house to meet up for some chinese food later that night. so fun.

we're starting to get into the busy fall season, gigs are picking up for dan, and there are talks of a studio in the works, and lots of exciting stuff with kalos will be starting to roll out in the next few weeks as well, we're both chasing our dreams and god is opening doors and leading the way for us, it's so exciting, i feel like this whole year has been a big transition for both of us, a season of learning to trust in god for direction and provision, a season of hard work and it really hasn't been the easiest, and this year has been a bit weird, but i'm excited for things to come!


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yay for 3 years! yesterday was a super special day, we both took the whole day off and just did stuff together, we didn't really make any plans, but i did know i really wanted to start the day off with crepes at [le marche][1]. so we did just that, and then went from there...it ended up being super hot and sunny, so the options for the day could be just do nothing, go to the beach and just do, nothing... or we could thrift, go to ikea, see a movie, etc (soooo many options)...we chose that! we were both in the mood to do, so we did. it was great, we both realized how little we have been doing stuff together lately.

in our first year and a half of marriage we always had mondays off, it was our day to do whatever we wanted together, whether it was sit inside and watch trilogies or go on an adventure, the day was always spent doing something together. then we went to australia, well we basically lived in a van together for a couple months, and then worked together in a little cafe, we did a lot together. i think we both realized yesterday how little we have been'doing' stuff together, we see each other everyday (other than him being away on tour) but since we've been home there have been way less movie nights and weekly thrifting. i guess there's a season for everything! i've learned to become ok with it and i know it's just for a time, and for now i am savoring the fun things we do a little bit more than i used to.