Today Feels | Cozy

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today feels cozy, this whole week feels cozy. rain-couver feels like it has officially arrived, hopefully we get a few more days of sun in september, but either way i feel like i've had a really amazing summer. i haven't gone anywhere special or had any amazing adventures away from vancouver but i've really enjoyed experiencing "summer in the city." dan has been working a ton from home all summer so we've seen a lot of eachother but not outside of home! i've enjoyed lots of beach time and movies in the park, bike rides and lots of coffees at renzos and every other main street cafe (there are too many good cafe's within walking distance, it's dangerous). we are trying to be as frugal as we can and hold out until december when our good friend scott is coming from perth to stay for an entire month! we are so excited, so much coffee and wine and food will happen. until then the next few months we will buckle down and keep working and saving and have the most fun this winter. i can't wait. and hopefully next summer will include an epic west coast road trip and visit with our good friend mickey.