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yay for 3 years! yesterday was a super special day, we both took the whole day off and just did stuff together, we didn't really make any plans, but i did know i really wanted to start the day off with crepes at [le marche][1]. so we did just that, and then went from there...it ended up being super hot and sunny, so the options for the day could be just do nothing, go to the beach and just do, nothing... or we could thrift, go to ikea, see a movie, etc (soooo many options)...we chose that! we were both in the mood to do, so we did. it was great, we both realized how little we have been doing stuff together lately.

in our first year and a half of marriage we always had mondays off, it was our day to do whatever we wanted together, whether it was sit inside and watch trilogies or go on an adventure, the day was always spent doing something together. then we went to australia, well we basically lived in a van together for a couple months, and then worked together in a little cafe, we did a lot together. i think we both realized yesterday how little we have been'doing' stuff together, we see each other everyday (other than him being away on tour) but since we've been home there have been way less movie nights and weekly thrifting. i guess there's a season for everything! i've learned to become ok with it and i know it's just for a time, and for now i am savoring the fun things we do a little bit more than i used to.