Day Twenty Three


i just realized this outfit is very aussie inspired, the top i got one of the first few days we were there at a big vintage fair we went to right on the beach, that was a really fun night. the hat is dan's "bushtucka" hat his oma and opa bought for him. my birkenstocks i got on our road trip in byron bay, my big splurge of that trip for sure.

dan bought a surf board and i bought these on a warm rainy day in byron bay. it was so rainy, i remember we cooped ourselves up in a tiny little cafe so we could charge everything (phones, camera's & laptops) and drank mocha's and ate wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce...oh yum, take me back. it poured for the most part of that day, but when it wasn't raining we snuck out to the beach and watched people surf, and the beautiful thing is even when it rains it's still so warm there. we parked right outside of town on a semi-secluded beach under a bunch of trees, we watched blue crush that night we bought earlier in a pawn shop, the rain was so loud on the van all through the night, i loved that. we woke up and the sun was shining, walked 30 feet to a stunning beach and dan surfed and i tanned and watched a bunch of hippies do zumba.