Day Thirty One!

31 days last day day 31

oh my goodness i did it! i wore this dress for the entire month of august, can i just say, i'm really excited it is september? if anything, this will really help me not spend money these next few months because i feel like my entire wardrobe of pants and shorts and other dresses are new again to me! i don't know how long this feeling will last, but it's good. i'm really glad i did it, it was a lot of fun and it was challenging, it was good for me to care a little less about what i wear, because really, a lot of people don't remember what you wore the last time you saw them! maybe i just have really polite friends (i mean, we are canadian...) but no one said, "wow, didn't you wear that the last 5 times i saw you?" maybe they thought it, haha you know what, who cares. i have a closet full of clothes, way too many shoes and hats and socks to choose from, i can say with full confidence i am completely and utterly blessed.