Day Nine


today was a fantastic day, i had a really nice morning/afternoon with my friend elaine at the beach and doing a little bit of thrifting, it was such a beautiful day spent at jericho beach in the sun eating grapes and way too many 5 cent candies. she is so lovely and bought me these shoes from urban outfitters, i'm obsessed. i've been wanting a pair of clogs for ages and i finally have a pair, she's such a sweet heart. i had such a great night hanging out with my wonderful friend halee who is moving to new york in six days!! so excited for her!

i feel a little embarassed writing about my days on here, i'm starting to sound like some unemployed beach bum! i am doing a program called youth mean business over the summer, which is why i am so lucky i get to have all this free time to play! in september i start a new job, i'm a little nervous, i haven't worked since december (and that was a cafe in perth!) i really can't wait to start bringing in some dough and take a little stress off the husband, oh money.