Day Fourteen

31 daysofdressdayfourteen

yes, yes the fruitbowl is empty, i've been to busy this week to head to the shop! dan has been recording in white rock everday, and i've had stuff going on too, so lots of back and fourth, but going to wr also means lots of trips to the klenners veggie garden, my fridge is bursting with fresh lettuce, carrots, zucchini, beans & herbs! i dream of the day i have a house or space with any sort of yard where i can have my own garden! maybe it's because where i live i don't have that option and it makes me want it all the more!

today has been rainy. so rainy. but warm! muggy. we had a rehearsal for our friends wedding coming up on friday! it's going to be beautiful, we get to sing a few songs at the ceremony, and it's not going to rain! i can't wait.