31 Days of Dress


a few weeks ago, while out for coffee and crepes, at my most favourite cafe, linday's friend claire was talking about a one year challenge that she heard of where a girl wore a little black dress every day for a year. ever since that conversation, and us talking about how crazy that would be to do, the idea has been brewing in my mind. i was actually wearing this dress at the time, and maybe that was what brought up the memory to her, i recently found this perfect black linen dress at a thrift store {for $4!} sewed up the straps to make it fit and have been wearing it a lot ever since. i love it, it fits great, is so comfortable and anytime i find something i love for under $10 i think it just makes me appreciate it all the more!a few days ago the idea came to me to do a month long challenge to see if i could accomplish wearing this dress everyday, for one month. at first it was the best idea i've ever had, i was excited, it was something i could blog about, and do for the month while we're having a little kalos-vacation, i mean i couldn't wear the same dress for 4 whatcha wearing wednesdays in a row, that would be crazy {ha ha}. then disillusionment set in; this is a crazy/dumb idea, i have 2 weddings this month, this is weird, i have a hard time wearing the same thing twice in a week, i won't be able to do it.

but i'm sticking to my guns, i'm going to give it a shot, it is only a month, after all, and after doing a little googling, there are others who have done it for a year! {and for a good cause!} i'm just doing it for myself, to maybe get my mind off caring just a little bit less about what i wear.