Matt & Tahlia

we had the pleasure of filming matt & tahlia's wedding in perth on december 1! it was such a privilege and so much fun to learn a little bit about filming! we bought a little bit of gear and dan built a track and a stabilizer and we immersed ourselves in the world of filming weddings! it was a lot of fun! we did a lot of searching around to find other wedding videographers whose styled we loved and took a few notes on! our top 3 would definitely be hello tomorrow, ( who filmed our wedding) orriss films, and cana family ( who also wins for coolest website around)!!!

matt and taz are probably some of our favorite people in the world, may 1 will be their 5 month anniversary (woop woop!!) we loved spending last year living in perth and hanging out with friends and family and just doing life together, we genuinely miss all the people on that side of the world, so close to our hearts! can't wait 'til the next time we can be back there having movie nights and drinking long mac's with our best australian friends.