Tour Part 2 | Southern States


the next week and a half we headed east! first stop after austin was san antonio texas. it was hot! we soaked up a bit more sun, spent a day eating some very hearty southern food in baton rouge, and then drove to jacksonville florida where we met up with we are the city! jacksonville was a very strange show, i'm pretty sure no one has ever sold merch at that venue before or brought their own sound guy, the first band's lead singer ended up in a fist fight with the door man, altogether, a strange night.

the rest of florida was great, drove further south to a very humid orlando, and got caught up in some amazing thunder/lightening/hail, always a fun time when weather gets weird.  after florida was atlanta, georgia where it got cold! we played a show at a very cool 1800's textile factory, check

my vine

for some hilarious clips from that night.


we got to spend a day in philadelphia and do a bit of exploring, we went for an amazing breakfast where we had the best french toast of our lives, found some great vintage stores, and dan picked up some sweet records! next was hamden, ct, this venue had a vintage store attached to the venue, so fun, my sister's best friend claire came to the show, it was so great to see her!  it's been so much fun to see so much of america that we have never seen before, i have loved it!